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Dynatrace is an American technology company that produces a software intelligence platform based on artificial intelligence to monitor and optimize application performance and development, IT infrastructure, and user experience for businesses and government agencies throughout the world.

How it works

Dynatrace uses Webhook to send alerts to Harp endpoint

How to register new integration in Harp

Follow these steps to register a new integration in Harp Platform

How to configure in Dynatrace

1. Go to “Problem notification setup” page


2. Choose custom integration


3. Configure custom integration according to the settings below

Name: Harp Webhook URL: How to find URL dynatrace_dns: Custom payload:

"PID": "{PID}",
"ProblemDetailsText": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
"ProblemID": "{ProblemID}",
"ProblemImpact": "{ProblemImpact}",
"ProblemSeverity": "{ProblemSeverity}",
"ProblemTitle": "{ProblemTitle}",
"ProblemURL": "{ProblemURL}",
"State": "{State}",
"Tags": "{Tags}",
"ImpactedEntities": {ImpactedEntities},
"ImpactedEntity": "{ImpactedEntity}",
"ProblemDetailsJSON": {ProblemDetailsJSON}


4. Choose alerting profile and save notification


5. You are good to go! Your Dynatrace integration is completed, and you can start working with alerts in Harp

Additional info