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Home page overview

Main page will allow you to review and manage your alerts


On the left side your will see the list of the logical folders that help you to separate alerts according to different criteria. For example alerts from Grafana should go to one environment and alert from Prometheus to another

How to configure Environments


Notification channels

It allows to review the list of active alerts

The list of channels you can specify in Scenarios


Alert state

In this section you can filter alerts by different states:

  • Active - alert was triggered
  • Handle - someone started working with this alert
  • Snooze - alert was snooze for some period of time
  • Acknowledged - alert was acknowledged and will appear in active tab once alert disappear and appear again


Alert badges

Badges will help you to identify the importance of the alert:

  • Urgent - contain URGENT word in alert name
  • Flapping - appears more than 5 times per hour
  • New - first time appear in Harp
  • Test - contain TEST word in alert name


Quick filter by severity

Display alerts with specific severity


User custom filters

Filter your alerts according to specific conditions


You can save your filters and make it private (only you can see it) or public (all your users will be able to use it)


Assigned to me

Show only alerts that were assigned to you


Sort alerts by time

By default, the newest alerts will appear on top. But you can make it vise versa


On top of each column you have the search field, and you can use it to find the specific alert


Add / Delete columns

You can add or remove columns from the main view. All columns will be automatically registered in the system


Group alerts by specific columns

Alerts with the same column(s) name will be grouped together


Resize column width

You can specify the width of each column


Hide side panel

You can hide the left side panel with Environments