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User Management

Place to manage all accounts inside Harp

How to find

  1. Go to settings


  1. Choose Members


Invite new user

Press the button to Add new user


In new form need to specify the next info:

  • User Name: it should be unique since user will use it to log in to the system. Can be changed by user from invite email.
  • Email: email address which will be used to send the invite
  • Role: choose the relevant role
  • User Environments: specify the list of environments that will be visible or hidden for this user


Once you add new user - email notification will be sent to the specified email address and user will be able to finish the registration by specifying the password



User roles

There are 3 possible roles:

  • Owner: has full permissions and can invite new users with admin role
  • Admin: has full permissions and can invite new users only with user role
  • User: has full permissions except modifying the settings

User status

There are 3 possible statuses:

  • Active: user can log in to the system
  • Pending: user receive invite but didn`t confirm it yet
  • Disable: user cannot log in to the system since account was disabled

Actions with user account

  • Edit user profile: change profile details
  • Block user: disable possibility to login for the user
  • Delete user: delete user from the system
  • Reset password: send an email with password reset form