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Platform Architecture

Harp Platform is based on distributed microservice infrastructure.

Services Architecture


Technical flow to process alerts

  • harp-collectors: receive alerts from monitoring system, unify the structure and push them to Kafka topic
  • harp-alert-decorator: read alert from Kafka topic (produced by harp-collectors) and add additional info about environments and scenarios that should be applied to the alert
  • harp-daemon: read alert from Kafka topic (produced by harp-alert-decorator), describe the logic and state of the alert and write result to MariaDB
  • harp-aggregator: read alerts from MariaDB, aggregate it and send to Aerospike
  • harp-bridge: read alerts from Aerospike and send to UI via websockets
  • harp-ui: the main user interface of the platform

Additional Services

Platform Monitoring

  • Prometheus metrics in VictoriaMetrics
  • Traces in Grafana Tempo
  • Logs in Grafana Loki
  • Dashboards and Alerts in Grafana