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Platform Installation

In Cloud (SaaS)

You can easily request the new platform and receive it in few minutes

Go to the registration form -

You should specify:

  • Owner Email: you will receive access details once platform will be ready
  • Company Name: unique name of the company


After submitting the form - you will receive the email with description how to access your platform

On your server

You can install Harp Platform on Prem using the docker compose capabilities

It will spin up all services and databases and allow you to use the platform

How to install

Install docker:

Note: Once you install Docker: docker -v command should return version of your docker

Install docker compose:

Note: Once you install Docker Compose: docker compose version command should return version of your docker compose

Clone repo with docker-compose.yml:

git clone

Go to harpia directory:

cd harpia

Run docker compose to install the platform (you should specify the IP address of your server):

Note: You need to replace <SERVER_IP_ADDRESS> with server IP where platform will be installed

HOST_IP=<SERVER_IP_ADDRESS> docker compose up -d && sleep 60 && docker restart harpia-harp-filters-1 && docker restart harpia-nginx-1

Visit your Portal - http://<SERVER_IP_ADDRESS>:

Login: admin
Password: admin

docker compose allows to install infrastructure on the single server and as a result you won`t have the redundancy for the platform

In Kubernetes

Feel free to contact us directly if you need the assist to install Harp Platform in your Kubernetes

How to contact:

Have a questions?

Feel free to contact us via chat