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Getting started

Our incident management system is designed to help teams quickly and effectively respond to and resolve any incidents that may occur, specifically in the tech industry.

Follow these steps to configure the first integration with your monitoring systems and learn more how to work with the Platform

Connect Monitoring system to Harp

  1. Go to Settings and choose Integrations


  2. Add new integration


  3. Specify the name of integration, choose Grafana integration and press Add


  4. You should specify next info:


Trigger Alert in Grafana

  1. Select your default Environment - Default
  2. Once alert will be triggered in Grafana - it should appear in UI


What is next

  1. Main capabilities of Harp Platform
  2. Manage alerts
  3. Integrate your monitoring systems with Harp
  4. Configure scenarios for your alerts
  5. Configure Bots to work with your scenarios
  6. Invite your colleagues
  7. Review analytics
  8. Check the health of your Platform