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PRTG is network-monitoring software that can run on a Windows machine within your network and it can collect statistics from designated hosts such as routers, servers, switches and other important devices or applications.

How it works

PRTG uses webhook to send alerts to Harp endpoint

How to register new integration in Harp

Follow these steps to register a new integration in Harp Platform

How to configure in PRTG

1. Go to Notification Templates


2. Create a new Notification Template


3. Configure template according to the settings below

  • Payload

    "datetime": "%datetime",
    "device": "%device",
    "deviceid": "%deviceid",
    "group": "%group",
    "home": "%home",
    "host": "%host",
    "lastmessage": "%lastmessage",
    "laststatus": "%laststatus",
    "lastvalue": "%lastvalue",
    "linkprobe": "%linkprobe",
    "linkdevice": "%linkdevice",
    "linksensor": "%linksensor",
    "location": "%location",
    "name": "%name",
    "priority": "%priority",
    "probe": "%probe",
    "programname": "%programname",
    "sensor": "%sensor",
    "server": "%server",
    "serviceurl": "%serviceurl",
    "shortname": "%shortname",
    "status": "%status"
  • URL

    You unique URL from registered Integration in Harp Platform

  • Settings


4. A new template should appear in your list


5. Attach notification triggers to the recently created notification template


6. You are good to go! Your PRTG integration is completed, and you can start working with alerts in Harp

Additional info