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Phone Call Bot


This integration is based on Twilio, and it will charge you according to their pricing model -

For new Twilio account you will receive 10$ to test how it works

To receive the phone calls when alert was triggered you should create Twilio account and connect it to Harp

Create Twilio account and Configure Harp Voice Bot

  1. Go to the official Twilio website, Sign Up and follow the steps to register new account


  1. From Account info section you need to copy: Account SID, Auth Token, My Twilio phone number and it will be used in the next steps


  1. Go to Menu and choose Bots


  1. You will see the full list of available Bots

There are two different statuses:

  • Yellow: Bot is not configured, and you cannot use it in Scenarios
  • Green: Bot is configured


  1. Choose Voice Bot


  1. Specify your TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID, TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN and TWILIO_PHONE_NUMBER from step #2 and press Save


  1. Go to the Harp Scenarios settings, and you can add Voice action to your scenario

Test Voice Bot

In Bot settings you can specify the phone number that should receive the test phone call and press the button Test