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Jira Bot


JIRA Server should be accessible from the internet to provide the ability to automatically create JIRA ticket based on the alert

JIRA User should have the permissions to create the tickets in the specified project

Integration with JIRA requires JIRA Server, JIRA User and JIRA Password

After that you can use JIRA bot in Harp Scenarios to describe when to create new JIRA ticket and in which project

How to create new JIRA Bot

  1. Go to Menu and choose Bots


  1. You will see the full list of available Bots

There are two different statuses:

  • Yellow: Bot is not configured, and you cannot use it in Scenarios
  • Green: Bot is configured


  1. Choose JIRA Bot


  1. Specify your JIRA Server, JIRA User and JIRA Password and press Save


  1. Go to the Harp Scenarios settings, and you can add Jira action to your scenario