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Email Bot

You need to register the new email account (for example gmail) or use the existing.

Bot configuration requires EMAIL USER and EMAIL PASSWORD

After that you can use Email bot in Harp Scenarios to describe when to send auto notification and who should receive it.

Configure GMAIL account

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage your Google Account


  1. Choose Security tab, activate 2-Step Verificaion and go to App passwords


  1. Select app - Other, specify the custom name and click Generate


  1. You will see app password that you can use inside Email Harp Bot


Configure Email Bot

  1. Go to Menu and choose Bots


  1. You will see the full list of available Bots

There are two different statuses:

  • Yellow: Bot is not configured, and you cannot use it in Scenarios
  • Green: Bot is configured


  1. Choose Email Bot


  1. Specify EMAIL USER and EMAIL PASSWORD from the previous section and press Save


  1. Go to the Harp Scenarios settings, and you can add Email action to your scenario

Test Email Bot

In Bot settings you can specify the email that should receive notification and press the button Test


Example of the email

Below you can see the example of the email that you will receive once the alert will be triggered

Information inside email depends on the alert configuration and the monitoring system that trigger the alert